"Learning to Study Your Bible" Resources by Dr. Gary Cockerill

Session 1 - "The Whole Bible for the Whole World" (Overview of Bible's Message)

*Handout (11 x 17)

*Power Point Presentation Slides


Session 2 - "How to Study Your Bible, Part 1" (Video + Supporting Resources):

*Gospel of Mark Reading Guide (From Part 1)

*Power Point for Video Session (From Part 1 - includes "How Things Fit Together")

*Example Using Mark 2:1-12 (From Part 1)


Session 3 - "How to Study Your Bible, Part 2" (Video + Supporting Resources):

*For Part 2: "Understanding How Things Fit Together"

*For Part 2: "Now Let's Do It Together" (Pre-Session Prep)

*For Part 2: "Now Let's Do It Together" (In-Session Handout/Notes)

Teaching Resources for Classes/Groups

  • Christian Formation Team - Recommended Resources Guide (Updated 05/06/2019) (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Catalogue of Resources from Ignite Event (Cokesbury, David C. Cook, Paraclete, Seedbed) (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Class Planning/Organization Tools (from 2022 Ignite Summits - updated 5/04/2022)

Click on the hyperlinks to download the tools when you need them.

*Overall Class Planning: 1) Discussion Prompt Worksheet; 2) Brainstorming/Notetaking Sheet

*Adult Sunday School Charter

*Adult Lesson Planning Template

*Class Attendance/Roster Management/Communications Tools

Resources for Discipleship Groups

Discipled by Jesus Video:

Discipled by Jesus - Group Format/Accountability Bookmarks: