Upcoming Fight Club

Our next Fight Club will be on January 24-25, 2025. 

Fight Club exists to INVITE men into a life with Jesus Christ, INSPIRE one another with our Jesus-stories, and ENGAGE one another along the journey of growing in and following Jesus. This page exists to interpret this ministry, announce upcoming large gatherings, point men to study resources, communicate small "band of brothers" opportunities, and more.

Recent Fight Clubs

Our most recent Fight Club: Round Two was on Friday, August 11, 2023

We had a guest speaker (Ben Derrick, former pastor of Vertical Church), great food, lots of fun, wonderful worship, and much more.

Fight Club: Round One was on February, 2023

We had a GREAT WEEKEND with Rob Renfroe sharing 2 powerful messages to help us come together in Christ as men of God. See the attachments below from the 2 messages and accompanying discussion questions
*SESSION 1 - "Not Peace But Glory" (Message Notes - Discussion Questions)
*SESSION 2 - "The Men You Need in Your Life" (Message Notes - Discussion Questions)

Study Resources for Men in the "Fight"

As a member or guest of MMC, you have access to Right Now Media through our adult ministries budget. To get started, contact Robert McCormick (robert@madisonmc.org), and he will send you an invite. You will receive an email with instructions to setup your RNM login and start enjoying the many study and Christian enrichment video series. Below is a trailer for a series by Vince Miller, Called to Act: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men you may want to check out on RNM. If you plan to go through it, we challenge you to reach out to Robert McCormick (robert@madisonmc.org) to see about connecting with some other brothers to walk with you through the series.

We also have available about 4 dozen copies of J.D. Walt's 2020 Seedbed Daily Text First Word, Last Word, GOD'S WORD series that focuses on placing the primacy of God's Word front and center in our lives in a practical, life-altering, Christ-knowing-and-following way. Reach out to Barry Male (barry@madisonmc.org) if you want a copy.

Men's Roundtable - Local Men's Growth Opportunity

If you are available, there is a fantastic weekly opportunity for men hosted at the CSpire Headquarters in Ridgeland led primarily by Phil Hardin called MEN'S ROUNDTABLE.
MR meets in person 6:45-7:45 am each Tuesday morning. Past meeting videos and supporting materials can be accessed at https://menstable.com/

Banding Together: "Fighting" for One Another's Lives in Christ

Some of those who have already joined in the fight together have been using a great resource -- The Discipleship Bands app -- for content and connection throughout the week to help us grow deeper bonds in Christ and with one another as Christian brothers. We would love to talk with you about it. To learn more and download the app, go to https://discipleshipbands.com/.